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WHIM! is a visual and spatial skills game where you sequentially hit, under time pressure, a series of randomly-spawned objects. It challenges your perception of 3-D objects while making quick connections in the head to figure out patterns, connect missing parts, or identify pieces that will complete an analogy.

WHIM! is inspired by visual and spatial skills tests on lateral thinking, spatial aptitude, and logical reasoning; however, it is not equivalent to or a replacement for professional standard or practice tests. It is primarily a visual and mental challenge, with a little exercise for the arms and hands.

This game is playable on Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2). It is played without controllers so you should enable Hand Tracking in the Quest 2 Settings.

You can try the early build/beta version of the game. It is now available on SideQuest. (install SideQuest)

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