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My Most Commonly Used Tools when Sculpting in Blender 2.93LTS


Add Subdivision Surface,  shortcut Ctrl + 5

Ctrl + 5 subdivides the default cube. Click Apply in the Subdivision Modifier tab (it’s hidden under the dropdown arrow).

If you want to go directly to Sculpting workspace, just click the Sculpting tab/button on the Splash Screen; otherwise you will have a cube when you click outside the Splash Screen then go to Sculpting workspace.

Go to Sculpting workspace.

Turn x symmetry on when sculpting symmetrical forms.

WARNING: Check the Direction of axes, e.g. -X to X, and the pivot point (the center)—in Object mode—first.

Enable Dyntopo.

Increase Resolution.

Detailing > Constant Detail

Always check Dyntopo.

Detailing should be Constant Detail

Resolution is 20, but start with small value

WARNING: switching to Edit, Object or other modes turns off Dyntopo. Always remember to enable it again.

To Symmetrize, select whether -X to +X or +X ti -X.

Left click to “paint”

Ctrl –subtract volume

Ctrl + left click while using a brush performs the opposite, i.e. it “digs” in or pulls out in the case of the Crease brush.

Shift — even out or smooth

Shift + left click to smooth out

F — change brush scale

F for brush size

Shift + F == change strength

Shift + F for brush strength

Alt + MM to center view on where cursor is

L (in Edit mode) to select only the mesh with connected vertices where mouse is over.

To remove mesh glitches, try tabbing to edit mode then back to sculpting mode.

Intuos Pen settings for Blender:

Alt + Pen Click > turn or rotate object around its axis

Alt + Ctrl + Pen Click > Zoom In or Out

Bottom Pen Button is now Middle Mouse Button while Top Pen Button is now Right Click (setting is for general purpose, i.e. also for Photoshop



Clay Strips

Layer brush does not destroy the details when drawn over them, and does not push the mesh down when smoothing, unlike when other brushes were used such as the Draw brush

Snake brush is better than Grab brush in creating new topology.

Use snake tool with large radius brush size to pull/grab and shape.

Grab brush does not add topology; Snake brush does

Use Crease brush with Relative Detail to achieve finer details

Use the Pinch brush in combination with the Crease brush to sharpen the edge or crease; use this in combination with Relative Detail

Fill brush fills in gaps

Try using the Scrape brush

Mask brush > disable with Alt + M

Use also Invert Mask

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